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A Tale of Two Kitties

09 July 2014
A Tale of Two Kitties Sadly, Cats Protection are often called upon to help cats and kittens who have been cruelly treated and abandoned.  Tiddles and Sailor are two kittens who have needed our help recently.

Tiddles (top) was thrown over a fence and abandoned in a field when he was just 2 days old.  Fortunately, he was spotted by a member of the public who rang our helpline (020 8853 8666), and we were able to take Tiddles into our care. 

Poor Tiddles was far too young to be parted from his mum, and would have died within hours had he not been found. Cats Protection wait until kittens are 7 weeks old before they are separated from their mothers and rehomed, as kittens of this age are able to eat solid food independently and no longer require their mum's milk.

2-day-old Tiddles needed to be hand-reared on special kitten formula milk until he was old enough to eat solid food.  Hand-rearing kittens is very hard work; they need a feed every couple of hours, and their human foster parents become very sleep-deprived!  Luckily for Tiddles, one of our volunteer fosterers (and Welfare Officer), Karon, is a very experienced veterinary nurse, who also happens to be an expert on hand-rearing kittens.

Thanks to Karon's expertise, and many, many hours of TLC, Tiddles grew into a very healthy kitten and has recently been rehomed.

11-week-old Sailor had been abandoned on the Woolwich Ferry and was suffering from an injury to his left hind leg.  X-rays revealed that Sailor's leg had been badly fractured at some point, but that he'd not received any veterinary attention at the time, and so his bones had set in such a way that he was finding it difficult and painful to walk.

Understandably, Sailor was very traumatised, but once he was given pain relief and his leg was put into a cast, he decided that he was safe and became very playful!  Sailor was referred to a specialist to see if surgery could help him regain the use of his leg, but, unfortunately, due to the nature of the injury and the way the bones had healed, it was decided that the kindest option for Sailor would be to amputate his leg.

Cats cope extremely well on three legs, and the loss of a limb has very little impact (if any) on their quality of life.  Sailor is currently making a good recovery from his operation, and is full of energy and enjoying all the fuss he's receiving!  In a few weeks, when Sailor is fully recovered, he'll be looking for a new home with safe outside access.

If you would like to help us continue to provide the kind of care that cats and kittens like Tiddles and Sailor need, you can make a donation HERE.  Alternatively, you could visit our SHOP at 18 Old Dover Rd, SE3 7BT, and make a purchase or two; or maybe donate some of your good-quality unwanted clothing, bric-a-brac or books.  Any donations, large or small, are always greatly appreciated!