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A Happy Ending for Bella

17 November 2013
A Happy Ending for Bella We've recently had this lovely update from Joy, who adopted Bella from our branch back in 2007.  Bella came into our care after being left behind by her previous owners when they moved home.  Poor Bella had also been involved in a road traffic accident at some point in her life, which had resulted in the amputation of one of her hind legs.

"I wanted to update you about my beautiful Bella.  I adopted her as a house cat back in 2007.  She was so shy and timid, and it took her two and half years to get out of that bad place.

She's learned quite a wide vocabulary; she responds to lots of words and has trained me to understand her quite well.  She actually tells me when it's bedtime!!!  She sleeps on my bed with me, and still loves me even after I've kicked her off the bed in my sleep!

She is such a loving, funny little old lady, I have no idea how anyone could give her up!  I'll love her for many years and she's got me through some really tough times!

I love her and my life would be empty without her.  Thank you for letting me adopt my beautiful Bella!  (Generally answers to Stinkabum too.)"